• What is CBD?

    CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of many compounds found in hemp and other cannabis varieties known as Phyto-Cannabinoids (Cannabinoids produced by the plant). CBD is a non psycho-active compound (does not cause feeling “high”), it is well tolerated and safe to consume.
    Clinical studies suggest that CBD has a broad therapeutic value treating diseases, improving general health and well- being.
    Partial list of reported CBD key benefits:
    - Reduces Inflammation
    - Relieves Pain
    - Relieves Anxiety
    - Calming and Sleep aid
    - Improves quality of life in the elderly population
    - Manage behavioral symptoms of Dementia
    - Reduces vomiting and nausea

  • Where Does CBD oil come from?

    Industrial Hemp belongs to the plant species named cannabis. CBD Oil is extracted from the industrial Hemp plants grown specifically to contain high concentration of Cannabidiol (CBD) and very low level of THC (doesn’t exceed 0.3%).
    At Life with Canna we utilize full plant extract from the industrial Hemp plant in the production of our products. All our Life with Canna CBD products contains cannabinoids found naturally within the plant.

  • Will CBD get me High?

    No, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a strong Psychoactive substance. Thus, CBD products that also have THC can. It is important to know the source of your product and check the ingredients list and the amounts so you know exactly what you’re using.

  • How do I take CBD Products?

    You can take CBD oil by itself by mouth or use one of many products that has it as an ingredient. These include “tinctures” you drop under your tongue, vape cartridges you breathe in, creams on your skin, and foods like chocolate bars. The amount and quality of CBD in these products can be very different. Life with Canna CBD oil tincture is for sublingual use. Put it under your tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds for best absorption. Our Salve and massage oil are for topical use. Apply directly to the skin to help alleviate muscle and joints pain.

  • Is CBD legal?

    Hemp Derived CBD is legal in 50 states across the US. The legal amount of THC allowed by law in CBD product is 0.3% or less.

  • Is CBD marijuana?

    Life with Canna products uses legal hemp derived CBD, not marijuana (cannabis). Our CBD is extracted from federally legal hemp plants and is legal in all 50 States. CBD products sold on this website contain a value of 0.3% or less THC (or no more than 0.3% THC).

  • How is the quality of the products being controlled and tested?

    We are passionate about helping build and promote the American hemp industry and source our hemp from farms that use only certified Organic, Non-GMO hemp and employs sustainable harvesting practices. The other oils and flavors in our products are sourced with the same scrutiny, where we audit each partner to ensure they follow the same strict Good Manufacturing Practice standards, use carbon dioxide extraction, and provide organic product whenever possible. To ensure high quality standards we send each batch of product to a third-party laboratory for confirmation of quality. These lab tests are available on our website and provide reassurance that every product we have both is safe and effective.

  • How much CBD should I take?

    Everybody processes CBD differently so there is no one size-fits-all answer. To find your sweet spot, we recommend following the product suggested serving size for the first two weeks. Increase or decrease your serving size in small increments as it can take a couple of weeks for CBD to build up in your system. Please consult your healthcare professional before you start using CBD products.

  • How long does it take for CBD to start working?

    There are many factors to consider when using CBD products. Ultimately, we are all different and it comes down to the individual user and their needs. What are you using CBD for? How long have you suffered with these symptoms? How severe are they? Are you taking other medications? All of these are things that need to be considered when starting CBD. CBD can begin working within 20-30 minutes; however, if you are dealing with chronic pain or long-term conditions it could take up to a week or two for CBD to attach to the receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. Once this happens you should start feeling some relief. Please consult your healthcare professional before you start using CBD products.

  • What does Full Spectrum mean?

    Full Spectrum generally refers to CBD oil products that not only contain CBD, but also contain naturally occurring compounds such as terpenes and other cannabinoids and even some THC. The THC found in full spectrum hemp products is minimal (less than 0.3%). With Full Spectrum CBD oil products, you have the advantage of something called the “Entourage Effect.” This is where all the cannabinoids and terpenes are working together in synergy.